How to Create and Login Orkut Account :Orkut login

by djchamike on August 8, 2012

How to Create and Login Orkut Account

Orkut is a social networking website powered by Google Inc. The service was started in 2004 and ever since it becomes the favorite social networking website especially in countries like India and Brazil. The good thing about Orkut is, it is totally free and you can do numerous things here like creating your profile, connecting with friends and family, maintain your online scrapbook, and use different features of Orkut to share your hobbies and interests. Following are few steps you need for orkut login.

Gmail  and Orkut

In order to use orkut you need to create an orkut account and orkut login from your Gmail account. If you already have got a Gmail account you can just go to and create your profile, otherwise first you have to go to Gmail homepage and create an account there in order to login to orkut website.

Create an Orkut Profile

After getting a Gmail account, now its time to go to and create your orkut login account. You have to provide personal information whereas most of the information has been taken from your Gmail account. You must agree that you are above 18 years of age to use orkut. During first 05 years orkut can be used only if someone invite you but now it is free and you can join by just visiting the site.

Adding Orkut Friends :Orkut login

Once you are login to orkut account now you can browse friends and start social activities there. You can see many fiend suggestions on the main page of orkut which helps you to find people you already know. You can also add strangers or people with similar interests. You can increase your social network by using different orkut applications.

Overall orkut is really fun to use. It is extremely user friendly and you can do many different things with extreme ease. This is amazing experience as you browse friends and add them to share your personal interests. Home :Orkut login

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