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by djchamike on August 2, 2012

Easy and best orkut software

Orkut toolbar one of top orkut software

is the most recommended software and top orkut software allowing a user to type text without any formatting code then by selecting parts of it and applying format using toolbar buttons. It  s a very useful utility so you have it indeed.I am listing some features of Orkut tolbar:

  • It provides all the buttons, a typical text editor for formatting scrap text. So now you don’t have any need to formatting tips.
  • If your friends also use orkut toolbar then you can send them images, flash animations to your friend through their scrapbook provided.
  • Meanwhile it provides direct access to orkut links including home, scrapbook, album, settings and bookmarks etc..
  • Orkut toolbar comes with a search bar allowing users to search a friend, community or anything on Orkut.Click for More info

Orkut Cute

It is another top orkut software and it is a freeware program allowing a user to send scraps to all their friends and on other social networking sites.

  • Orkut cute is featured as it makes us receive notification when forums are updated.
  • It also send you an alert when you receive new scraps.
  • It allows you to scrap all of your friends.
find orkut cute on cnet


is a type of a browser. By using it users can know when their friends receive scrap. As sending a scrap from desktp is an easy task like sending an instant message.

click here for more info about scrapboy.

orkut scrap helper

 Orkut scrap helper scraps you in a single step sending your persistent link to your scrapbook.

Sorkut, one of the top orkut software

is a keyword allowing a user to search with specific words in title by giving the community id you want to search and then click search.

Now you may use these Top Orkut software which will make your orkut usage easier and faster but if you don’t have an orkut account then sign up on www.orkut.com and use this Top Orkut software

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