How to Sign up for Orkut account

by djchamike on November 25, 2012

Orkut is a social network which has provided by Google in free. By using Orkut you can make new relationships, you can keep your existing relationships close, also can made new friends and also can keep in touch with your friends. This Orkut gives space to you to share your photos, videos, and ideas with your friends. There is another feature called chat to communicate with your friends.

Here, I’m going to help you to have an idea about Orkut. So I’ll tell you how to sign in. If you are a new user, you will have to register by using the web page ( After registering you can create your profile on Orkut by using your e-mail and password. If you have a Gmail account Orkut account has automatically create for your G-mail. If you want to access your Orkut, you have to log in Orkut by using your g-mail and password.

How to sign up orkut?

You have to go to the web site and there you can find a login page. If you are a new Google user, you have to register by selecting the option called “Don’t have a Google account” after clicking on that link you can fill the online application has provided.

Then there is a space to give your e-mail as your user name and space to add your password. After providing relevant details you can log in to your Orkut profile.

View of the Orkut profile

After login to your Orkut profile you can see a view as below;

In your profile, you can add your photo as your profile picture and also there is a space you can add your ideas as your status. You can add photos so that your friends can see them. And also you can edit your profile details by adding your personal details, your professional details and social details.

In your home page you can see the whole updating stories of your friends who is in your friend list. Addition to that there is an option called “community”, this will help you to make communities by binding together with your friends. As I mentioned before you can have a chat with your friends by using chat option.

Orkut is one of a best famous social network. Now you can create your own profile and share your new things with your friends and keep in touch with orkut members.

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