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by djchamike on August 2, 2012

How to sign up Orkut

Sign up Orkut is not difficult as Orkut is associated with Google  If you have a Google account then you can easily sign in Orkut but if you don’t have one then you have to Sign up orkut. For signing up only you need is to click on ‘sign up’  by visiting . Then you will be promoted to create your Orkut profile.

Follow the instructions on the page you are redirected and it a basic guideline for you to sign up orkut

  • You must not forget to remember and enter your username and password. You will need it for signing in Gmail and Orkut and some other services also. While creating a Google account you must keep in mind the following guidelines in mind:
  • your Google username will give you access to sending and receiving emails unless you will prefer to sign in for Gmail.
  • Your password must be eight letters word and you must have a strong password which isn’t a regularly used word so that your account ‘s security may increase.

Meanwhile Orkut is a Social Networking website allowing users to meet new people and to socialize. By sign up orkut, user is allowed to update their daily statues, videos , chat with friends and allow user to see what is happening all around them even all around the world. Although it is less popular than other social networking websites like Facebook, twitter but it is more popular in sub-continent. Orkut is actually owned and operated by Google.

Requirements while sign up orkut

Orkut allowing million of users to socialize only require some of the information of the user while doing sign up orkut. A user is only required to give his full name, date of birth, email address of Gmail, Hotmail, yahoo etc.. for account security and for mailing different posts made by friends while doing sign up orkut. Meanwhile it is safe and secure to use a social networking website like Orkut but user must make sure that he is interacted with only known people for security and safety of private data . If user make him friend with an unknown person who uses his account for hacking other account or for blackmailing then he might get stuck in a problem. That is why a person must not add an unknown person to his account.

In the meantime, Orkut is used by millions of users world-wide for different purposes. Some people may sign up orkut to socialize or some may use it for spamming, but it can also be used for advertising products of company. If you use it for advertising your products by having fan pages and posting posts about it then it will benefit the user a lot by increasing their sales and increase in their customers.

Meanwhile Orkut protects ones privacy and for that User was allowed to view anyone’s pictures, videos, details and it allowed the unknown user to use it for any purpose, he want. For that he may misuse it as people misused data of other people but as well as privacy is concerned. Orkut protects users privacy so introduced privacy update allowing user to limit the number of people who can visit his profile. people outside the friend’s list can’t see any sort of description of the user.  If user uploads anything like status or video then he can set privacy on that status allowing only few number of people to see it to whom he want. This introduction of privacy rule effected users a lot as they became ensure that their personal data is safe and secure.  Then they were able to upload their personal private which they want to make only visible to his family making private data secure.

Privacy policy rules introduction and an easy way to socialize on Orkut makes it easy for users to socialize as they are assured of safety of their data. Users can now enjoy socializing on Orkut with their family fellows, friends and known people keeping their data safe and secure from hackers. Hope that you will enjoy using Orkut so you may now sign up orkut.

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