Protect your Orkut login Name and password

by djchamike on August 6, 2012

Protect your Orkut login Name and password

Orkut is the Social media website which was released in 2004 by “Google”. The primary aim for developing this web page was to assist in customers fulfill new and old buddies and maintain current connections . This is one of the most frequent sites in India and South America,  available in 48 languages.

The Orkut accounts were very easy to hack due to lack of knowledge about security in the users.

Protect your Orkut Login name and password

Complex password:

Usually a regular password like name phone number are easy to break using brute force technique. It’s best to make a complex password like instead of Name use N@m3 . Such password  with number and special figures are challenging to break.

Never discuss your private data :

There are many situation when you had to discuss your orkut Login private data with your buddy. Try not to do so. Even if you did, always change your password after that. Keep a history of your security question.

Never simply click on any confident weblink :

You might get lots of Orkut Unwanted message and Ads saying simply just click this weblink to see more orkut papers or simply just click this weblink to see the miracle. Though all of them are not fraud but in most of the case they are frauds. So it’s better to remove such leftovers and never simply click on any such weblink.

Opening an Orkut information asking for orkut login information :

This is one of the most convenient way of orkut hacking where people divert you to a bogus orkut login page whenever you simply click on anyone information. It’s better to close that tab and open Orkut login page again by entering Specific Orkut login URL.



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