Updated Orkut with new Features

by djchamike on December 4, 2012

New Orkut Version with New Features

Orkut the Google owned social network has leased its new Orkut version in a new face.it has changed its design too.as I think the earlier one was quite boring and the new design is cool. Its letters are slim and look nice.

Orkut with stylish look

The main advancement is it has got many advanced security levels. As you hear there are many mischievous things are happening through “Facebook”. That is due to its complexity of security that users can understand. But here in new Orkut version it’s so simple. You can group you friends and you can share things only with a selected group (if you like) like in Facebook.


Orkut’s new version’s graphic interface is charm and attractive. So it loads in a few seconds. On the other hand its new tools make using Orkut very easy and playful. Not like Facebook new Orkut version has become much simple and user friendly.

Orkut New Features :Group Scrap in Orkut

 If you want to send you updates only to a selected group of friends that is with Orkut but not with Facebook. I Facebook if we update something it’s visible to everyone in our friend list. But in new Orkut version  it’s your selection.to have group scraps is like having groups in Facebook. Only you can see those groups send nobody else does. So if you need to scarp to a particular group it’s just a click. Only thing you have to do is to select the group you need to scrap and it automatically changes its settings to privacy and friend in the selected group can only see what you have scraped. This is n=much benefit in college groups and for official groups.

Automatic Group from new Orkut version suggests you groups of friends. That depends on your interactions with the friends. The more interactions with particular friends Orkut suggest that group for you. But you can manually change those groups and settings

Orkut Group Scrap, How to make Orkut Group Scrap

 For an instance if I want to have conversation only with one friend then I can select him and have a chat with him and none other can see that. So it protects the privacy of the conversation we engage in. if you want to have a group chat it is also the same like this. Unless if you like a have public scrap you can share public.it is up to you. The need you want to have scraps can be confined to a selected people if you want. On the other hand you can send the same scrap to a group of people and no need of copy paste. This is especially advantageous for people who are interested in a particular subject. For an example if someone like IT and that person can create a group in Orkut and scrap. Those are only for that group and nobody else see.

Better privacy with new orkut  Updates

There are better privacy settings in new Orkut version than before. We can change the settings of selected group or of person. There are 3 security levels. They are private, friends and public. So according to what you scrap you can change those privacy settings in Orkut.

You can send scraps from any profile page and it’s an improvement in the existed features in Orkut scrap box for every profile. So now you can send scraps from any profile page from a selected group.

You can change the last tab of the page. But you can’t add or remove the tabs. So I think this must be further developed in order to win the war against Facebook.

Not like in Facebook you need to go to an Application tab. In new Orkut version there is a dialog box on the side bar and the application you are dealing with and you have been suggested are there. The games and applications are a just a click. All over the world people are having CafeMania and Farm. It’s about 36million in Orkut playing CafeMania.so to access to those applications as simple as it’s included in an exclusive Application Box.

Like in Facebook we can send friends birthday wishes without leaving the profile page. You can tell other friends of you the birthdays of the friends of you. And you can have activities with other friends who wish your friend.Also you will see the recent activities and visitors on new Orkut version without having a third party application.

Orkut community is the place where it’s the shares of other peoples are available and if we like we can join the community.You can change the color settings of your profile page and add many more to “about me” such as videos, picture and scraps.

Orkut new version has its new feature of log in login history for 6 months. That is useful its admins and moderators as they can design what its users need in the next version of Orkut. You may think this is kind a hacking. But it’s not. Because what you are doing is in Orkut is available in Orkut community.

On Orkut you can have Google Map service and share what you searched through it and I think those would fairly works with Orkut as Orkut and Google Map are both Google’s assets. On the other hand Orkut is going to play a role of a file sharing service as we can send and share files through Orkut. So if you are up to new features of new Orkut version subscribe to us.

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