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by djchamike on July 2, 2012

How to set up and login to orkut account

Orkut login: orkut is one of the few social networking sites that are very popular among the users, which was launched in August 2008. Orkut is powered by Google. Mostly orkut is used in United States, Brazil, and India, besides that, orkut is also gaining popularity in Estonia. Orkut is a great service to meet new friends all over the world and keep in touch with old friends. In order to start using this great social networking site first you need orkut login. To setup orkut account and get orkut login you need to follow following steps.

sign-up with Google Account : Orkut Sign up

If you have a Google account already then you can skip this step and go directly to sign in to Google, otherwise you have to click on the “Sign-Up” button which is available on the upper right side of your screen. It is absolutely free to sign in with Google so you don’t have to worry about it.

Sign Up an Orkut Account

You have to go to the orkut website in order to sign up with orkut. You have to provide your personal details in the form available on orkut page. These details include your name, date of birth, gender, etc. After that you have to copy the CAPTCHA code in the box available under the code to prove that you are not a spam. This will take you to the terms and condition page. You need to carefully read these terms and click on “I Accept” button.

Find Friends and Chat

Once you have completed the orkut sign-up process now it is time to go for orkut login. When you go to the Orkut login page and after login to orkut now you can add friends and enjoy chat with them. At the top left side of the screen you can see the button of adding friends. You just have to fill the information on three fields which you can see on the page. Orkut helps you in finding people on orkut you may know already. You can also add new friends by sending invitation to them.

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