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by djchamike on August 10, 2012

How to sign up for Orkut?, Orkut login

Orkut is one of the leading social networking website in the world today. With the power of Google behind it, It is definitely giving tough competition to the Facebook, twitter, and other social networking sites. Orkut is getting more popular because of its easy to use features and simple process of creating an login. To sign-up in orkut, you need to do following simple things:-

Get a Gmail Account

The first thing which you need in order to get an orkut is a Gmail account. You have to provide your Gmail id and password in order to sign-in to orkut. If you already have a Gmail account it is simple for you, otherwise you have to create a Gmail account first. Gmail account can be created on Google website by providing your personal information.

Provide Your Details

The second step for login is going to website register yourself. You have to provide your details which are asked on the orkut registration page. After getting yourself registered, you have to create your profile. Keep in mind that your profile is a public profile which will be visible for all other orkut users. You can also customize your profile settings by going in the preferences. You can make that profile visible for selected group or people.

Login to Orkut

After creating your profile now you are ready to share the amazing experience of orkut. This fascinating social networking website is a perfect place to share things with your friends and other like-minded people. You can build your social community by browsing profiles of different people. Orkut is simple and convenient way to become the part of this great social networking website. You can login to orkut at any time by providing your user name and password.

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