Alternative Orkut login with Orkut tricks

by djchamike on July 9, 2012

How to Add and change alternative Orkut login

Changing Orkut login email account in orkut is very easy. You just have to follow some simple steps.To change Orkut login email which you used to login to Orkut, first of all you have sign in to your account and go towards Google Accounts Homepage. After going to that page you have to click on edit button near to “email addresses”. After that you have to add your new login email in “additional email address” field. Once you do this now just press the save button so that your new orkut login email saved.

After completing the process of adding new orkut login email you will receive an email message at your new login email in which there is a confirmation message also contains. You have to click on that confirmation link. After that you will be able to use this new login id to sign in to your orkut account. While adding a new alternate login id you should keep in mind that you cannot add another Gmail account to add as alternate Orkut email. However you can use the email accounts of other email providers such as yahoo, or hotmail. Besides that, you cannot use an email address that is already used a primary address for another orkut account.

Once you complete the process of adding an alternate Orkut login account by using above mentioned easy steps, now you can enjoy the luxury of double login accounts and you can login to your orkut by using either email account. People use this as a security tool as if one of their accounts compromised, they still have option to access to their orkut account. By adding alternate login email you are actually securing your important friends and other personal information which you keep on your account.



  • You can use alternate orkut login id
  • Can use other email providers such as yahoo, or hotmail (yes,you can use other email providers ID to login to your account )
  • Double login accounts
  • Change login ID


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