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by djchamike on February 8, 2013


Orkut, the newest social network more popular in Brazil and India has come with new appearance, more facilities and safer. As the organization says they have enhanced the security levels of the site then the previous periods. That denotes that we can have a safer surfing through Orkut.

Orkut comes with email verification the strategy to enhance the security of the user accounts. It allows the users to login to their accounts via email verification. So this is kind of the two-step security confirmation working in Google. So the users are encouraged to have email verification as soon as possible and near future it seems to be a compulsory.

When the email verification is done the we can re-access to Orkut account even if we forget the password and it further ensures that our notifications won’t be sent to others. On the other hand if we have email verification for Orkut we will have Orkut chat via mobile like Facebook. It is not a difficult task to have email verification on Orkut, if you find it is difficult to manage the email verification the Orkut team will guide you how to have it. So it is going to be a pretty cool item as appears.



For the first time in social network culture Orkut cooperates with Google+. This will have updated your information both in Orkut and Google+. Since Orkut has the Google bar with it, when we are working in Orkut at the same time we can work with Google circles as well. So this leads us to save our time and make easier to manage the social network accounts at the same time.


To enable the synchronized post between the Orkut and Google+ we can follow the below instructions But remember that you must have linked those two accounts before step in to these steps

  • Select the Orkut settings menu under the gear icon.


  • Click on Google+ tab as appears
  • Check the box “If I share a post on Google+ publicly, also posts it on Orkut”.


  • Then you will have them bother linked together.

If you have linked Orkut and Google+ together we can see a new Google tool bar in Orkut.

This tool bar lets us to have new hangouts in Google+, see the notification in the Google+ and search from any Orkut page. This new tool bar, “Google tool bar” interacts the Orkut and Google+.

Many of the Orkut users like this tool bar as they can see what is happening in their Google+ account even though they are working Orkut. So this going to be a new dimension in the social network community. Further we can share our post in Google+ with the friends in Orkut and if you like can have the same cover photo for both accounts.

Though Orkut is a new born social network its features are mushrooming faster like the other popular networks are doing.It’s new security and privacy level enhancements and especially the new Google+ tool bar compatible with Orkut makes Orkut more user friendly social network than the others.

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