How to sign up Orkut and login to Orkut

by djchamike on October 2, 2012

How to sign up Orkut and Orkut Login

Today I’m going to tell you about “Orkut” even from begging how to sign up Orkut and more on that. This is a social network and this possess to Google. This helps you to have relationships with your friend as we do in Facebook, My Space and Google+. The most visitors are from Brazil, India and USA. If you are above 18 you can be a member of this Orkut society. This has over 100 million users.

Signup for Orkut

If you have a Google account it will be easy for you to create a Orkut account and sign in to Orkut by entering Gmail address and password and click on sign in, otherwise you have visit and click “join now”. Create a Google account and this will lead you to sign in to Orkut account. Then our account can be created. Since I have a Google account I could sign up for it easily.

Creating an Orkut account

Now it’s time to create your account in Orkut. Your personal data must be fed to it while most of the information required has been leached from Google account and then you have to agree that you are above 18.

Orkut alternative login; sign up Orkut

It’s safer to have alternative sign in to Orkut as we can keep our friends and our private information in the account. This is how we can have an additional sign up to Orkut. Sign in to the account, go to Google account homepage and click “edit” near to e-mail addresses. Then you have to add an extra e-mail address that will be used to Orkut sign in additional e-mail address. Then click save I order to have new Orkut login through the new email address. Subsequently go to your e-mail account which you used for the Orkut alternative and there you will see a confirmation code and click on it as we do normally do. This will let you to sign up Orkut. Please be careful not to use a Gmail account as your alternative; instead of that I recommend to use another email addresses like @yahoo mail or @Hotmail.

Share with friend’s thr’o Orkut sign up

You can search for your friends and have them on Orkut; number of friends is displayed on your account as we see in Facebook. Here you can share photos, statements, videos or any other link, pasting them in the box given. If you have a Google+ you can share those posts either on Orkut.

You can change its settings, such as who see your post, who can send you updates, create groups and so on. We can categorize what we have in Orkut on the type, which are available under ‘what’s your headline?’, my updates, photos, videos, scrap (instant messaging),testimonials, profile, conversations, birthdays and reminders, since I used Gmail account I could chat with my chums by Google talk. You can join any community you like such as a sport community and the other thing is the total visitors are displayed in the account thr’o sign up Orkut.

Top Orkut softwares, fast and easy

I met cool Orkut softwares by sign up Orkut

Orkut tool-bar

This gives you to edit text, needed parts can be selected and then format it using Orkut tool bar

Orkut cute

Orkut cute let you sending scraps to friends and if you like to other social networks also. You will be alerted if you get new scraps. We can scrap all our friends.


This feature allows you to browse scraps of you and your friends; whether they are received. This is kinda a browser.


This tool-bar can be used to find threads for particular words given in a title on community ID and search.

Orkut scrap helper

Your scrapbook can be had scrapped.

Sign up Orkut developer sandbox

Apps with OpenSocial APIs can be built up by sign up Orkut developer sandbox. Your all personal information is displayed when access to sandbox as at the beginning you understand and agree them.

Cool tips on Orkut: sign up Orkut

This is what I tested to make my name invisible in my profile. Frist you have to type ALT+0173 in relevant boxes where the 1st and last names are required. Then simply update it. In the same way you can make your photo invisible. What you have to do is creating the smallest image as much as possible using paint and then upload it.

Orkut Symbols

Sign up Orkut will give share your emotions, statements also by symbols; like in Facebook

ALT +1     =  

ALT + 2      =    

ALT + 3    =  

ALT + 4      =   

ALT + 5      =   

ALT + 6      =   

How to write a blank scrapbook

First open of the scrapbook and then write [b] or [I]in scrapbook and just submit it but remember not to write anything other than that.Just sign up Orkut and comment me how it feels to you.

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