All about Orkut : Orkut Login

by djchamike on August 14, 2012

All about Orkut : Orkut Login

Orkut is social networking website like Facebook or Friendster. Orkut was launched by Google and it was named after the Google employee Orkut Buyukkokten. The developer of Orkut was a software engineer at Google and he developed the networking site in the work hours allowed by Google to every employee for working on their own interests. Google has continued this practice to promote creativity. Orkut Buyukkokten was interested in social networking and so he engineered this site. Orkut was designed to help users meet their old or new friends and add more friends to their circle. Orkut does not have much popularity in the US as compared to Facebook or Twitter or MySpace. A survey showed that about 59% of the Orkut users belong to India and Brazil.

Orkut User Count

Orkut now has over 60 million active users. One reason behind Orkut being less popular is the privacy issue and the spammers spread over the site. Government in India was lately thinking to ban the site because Orkut saves all the information about the users and makes it visible even if you are not doing it yourself. Orkut not only saves the personal info but also the messages sent to other users privately. This is a critical issue. Another problem faced by Orkut users was spammers. Orkut launched a tool with which you can send one message to all of your friends at once, and it also allows you to send mail to all your friends of friends. This option was highly abused by the spammers, and Orkut got stuck with the huge bulk of spam messages called the Flooders, sent across the connections. Orkut then fixed this problem and limited its use, but still Flooders are possible on Orkut.

Another odd issue in the Orkut terms of service is that it takes the right to display, use, distribute or create any of the materials that you display on or use from the website. Orkut shortly claims its rights on anything that are posted by the users, it can be their pictures any testimonial or any other information. Using this information is illegal and terms of use are impractical but Orkut has the right to do so, probably because of having a close association with Google, the largest search engine and the ruler over the internet.

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